Your creative side likes catchy slogans. So you probably like ours:

Ideas. Support. Results.

But your hard-charging, overworked, analytical side says, "So what?"

Good question.

We live our slogan. It's our mission and our promise to you, and it can make a big difference in your business. It's all for you.

Ideas = Branding Perfection

"I can run a meeting for five hundred people with my hands tied behind my back. But when it comes to choosing printing and promotional products to brand our image, I'm lost."

Does too much of your valuable time go toward finding and choosing promotional products and specialty printing? You need fresh, unique ideas to develop your organization's brand. Choose ICON as your promotional products and printing partner and we'll do the heavy lifting for you. We'll assess your needs and make recommendations from over half a million stock items and an infinite number of completely custom ones. You'll save hours on every project and you'll get products that will perfectly support and develop your unique brand.

Support = Less Worry, More Time for You

"With my old supplier, I never knew when my order would arrive. The only thing I could be sure of is that once I got their bill, it would be wrong. That's crazy."

You shouldn't have to worry whether your promotional products and printing will arrive on time, or have to hassle with your suppliers over incorrect invoices. Make the switch to ICON for your promotional product and printing needs, and you'll worry less, accomplish more. Imagine what a difference this can make in your workday.

Accurate quotes. You'll know exactly what your order will cost before we begin production. Regular status reports on the progress of your orders. Easy ordering. Call one of our professionals and we'll walk you through it step-by-step. Or choose to order your promotional products or printing online. We'll even set up an online company store just for your organization. Accurate billing with no surprises. When the job's done, your invoice will match our written quote. Think of the time and hassle that will save you.

Results = Money, Recognition, Success�Everything!

"Results are everything. When I buy promotional printing, I need to know that it's going to make a difference�right at the bottom line."

It all comes down to results. You need higher revenue and profit, new customers, new members, bigger attendance at your events. That's what promotional products and promotional printing are meant to do for you. ICON knows this. Everything we do is geared toward identifying the results you need�the return you're expecting on your investment�and helping you to achieve it.

Take the Next Step.

If you knew that taking a few minutes now would save you hours every month and get the results you need, you'd do something about it. Now's the time. Call or email us to have a dedicated, experienced associate meet with you personally, or visit us online for more information. Start your idea-generating, worry-free ordering, results-getting experience today.

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